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1.) When will the Pre-Launch conclude and the Official Launch occur?

Official launch will occur on March 31, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST.

2.) What is Deep Profit Streams?

We believe you will find that the following statements properly described Deep Profit Streams and sets us apart from the others and the revenue sharing industry:

The Most Innovative New Advertising & Digital Products Network.
Expanding Beyond the Boundaries of Traditional AdPacks, Banner Ads, Paid Clicks, Online Courses, E-Books, Internet Tools, Etc.

Coupled With A Compensation Plan That In Overall Comparison to the Others, It Is:

One of The Most Explosive, Encompassing, Fastest, Deepest & Highest Payout AdShare, RevShare, and Affiliate Compensation Plans in the World!

Longevity and Sustained Exponential Profits…Through Smart Technology, Cutting Edge Innovations, and Strong Leadership Vision.

These are bold statements that we believe you will find to be true over the weeks, months, and years.

3.) How do I get started with Deep Profit Streams?

We suggest everyone follow these steps:

A.) Watch the Product and Compensation Plan OverView Video on our web site by clicking the Business Plan Menu choice, then clicking " Infinity RevShare Comp Plan"
B.) Then click on the green button below that video to review and better understand the Compensation Plan Diagrams shown in the video.
C.) Then read this entire FAQ and join our Facebook Group to get any more detailed questions answered.
D.) Then finally, be sure to use the original link of the affiliate who referred you to our company when you are ready to move forward to join us, so that he or she receives their proper and fair credit for referring you to our fantastic opportunity.

4.) What are the Deep Profit Streams products and services? 

Please see our products and memberships section of our web site. Also, please view the Product and Compensation Plan OverView Video located on our web site under the Menu tab of Business Plan.

5.) Which payment methods are available with Deep Profit Streams?

We accept Payza, Solid Trust Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, Neteller. (Payeer & Bitcoin by Launch)

6.) Are there any monthly fees or subscriptions?

Yes.  But we have multiple memberships of increasing product size and value. Participating in and earning in the revenue sharing program, is one of the many benefits that comes with subscribing to one of our paid memberships.  Our Bronze $10 monthly membership is our first paid membership level.  One of the aspects of our program that our members find exciting, is that because of our referral based program, introducing just two other bronze members, will allow you to enjoy your membership basically at no cost.  And continuing to refer others would begin to provide you add an ongoing profitable residual income.

7.) What happens if I don't pay my subscription?

If a member does not manually perform a payment to continue their membership, or the member's automatic subscription payment fails to go through, they will lose access to all referral commissions and all override bonuses in the deep tier matrix for both AdPacks overrides as well as membership fee overrides.  And additionally, that member will no longer participate in or accumulate earnings in the revshare program.  Any existing yet unexpired AdPacks will not retain their accumulated earnings that word completion, therefore it is recommended that a member discontinue purchasing AdPacks for which they intend to participate in revenue sharing, prior to this continuing their paid membership.  Please keep in mind that a paid membership is not required in order to purchase the AdPacks product for advertising within our network, however, those AdPacks will simply not become adshares in the revenue share program.

8.) Are there any reminders sent if I forget to renew my Membership? 

Yes. There are a series of reminder emails that are automatically generated by our system to alert you of an approaching renewal date so that you have ample opportunity to keep your AdPacks earning in the revenue sharing, and so that you do not miss any potential override Bonuses on AdPack purchases and Membership purchases of your Organization.

9.) How do I receive pay out of my commissions and override bonuses?

You would submit a payout request in your affiliate BackOffice. We process our payouts through a variety of online payment services such as Payeer, Payza, Solid Trust Pay, PayPal, and Bitcoin (via multiple providers such as Coinbase, Blockchain, & Coinpayments).

10.) Is there a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount?

Yes, the minimum withdrawal amount is $10.  And the maximum is $150 per day, Monday through Friday, for eligible revenue sharing withdrawal funds (one daily request allowed). And there is a per day maximum, Monday through Friday, on Deep Tier Matrix override bonuses withdrawals under the following schedule (one daily request allowed):

Bronze Member Affiliates:             $200 per day.
Silver Member Affiliates:                $350 per day.
Gold Member Affiliates:                  $500 per day.
Platinum Member Affiliates:           $750 per day.
Diamond Member Affiliates:           $1,250 per day.
Dbl Diamond Member Affiliates:    $2,000 per day.

11.) How long does it take to process a withdrawal request?


It is unfortunate but it is a fact that hackers seek to manipulate data and alter display of numbers as well as change member profile info to their own so that payments will be diverted to them and/or payout amounts be artificially & illegally increased. Therefore, we manually review and process payouts, and part of that is a manual review & cross-checking of several history records along with several other security steps in our protocol, which does take time to do properly & safely. Generally, withdrawal requests are manually processed, in the order received, within our goal of 24-48 hours. Requests are completed manually in the order they are received so please allow several hours to receive your request.  Withdrawal requests received Saturday or Sunday are considered to be received with Monday's requests, however, they do maintain their order of timestamp received for processing in sequence, Monday through Friday. Also please be aware that the hours during Sat & Sun are not counted in our 24-48 hours timeframe goal, therefore, a request rcvd on Thursday or Friday (or the late hours of Wednesday night) could be completed with the next week's business. 


12.) How Many Accounts Can I Have? 

One account per person. One account per household. One account per IP Address. Anyone detected by our software and security programs as having or using multiple accounts, stacked accounts, impersonated account(s), etc will be terminated and all associated accounts funds will be held for review and released after determining the actions deemed appropriate to divulge certain gains, etc.

13.) How many do I need to refer in order to earn with Deep Profit Streams?

Do not need to refer anyone in order to earn on personal sales activity.  And there is no product purchase required in order to sell any of our products.  And, the active referring someone is not what we paid commissions and bonuses upon, it is the product or service that your referral purchases that you receive the commission's and bonuses upon, whether that be a retail not an affiliate customer or the purchases of someone who becomes an Affiliate or Member Affiliate.  It is important to be aware of and remember that if your question is specifically only referring to AdPacks revenue sharing, which we classify as bonus income, we are no different than global or facebook, or any other media advertising company, where affiliates and sales persons can only be paid from current and future sales.  And furthermore, it only makes logical sense that a person who is purchasing AdPacks today in order to market their websites, banners, text ads, offers, events, etc, is not sharing and revenue & profit of their own AdPacks.  Your purchased a day of the AdPacks allows you to be eligible to share in the revenue and profits of future advertising package sales.  Hence, the term "revshare" is appropriately used.  Therefore, the revenue sharing aspect of our business model made transpire more swiftly or less swiftly based upon the number of advertising packs sold after your purchase of AdPacks.  We hope this provides aid more full understanding of the concept that in answering your question, you do not need to refer to anyone, however, if each individual makes ongoing and future sales by way the purchases of those they refer, and you will benefit greatly with regard to your AdPacks purchased that are awaiting revenue sharing completion.  If you truly enjoy or love the AdPacks revenue sharing portion of our program, then do your share by telling others and referring others to something that is really working well for you, no different than any other area of our lives when we find a good business, product, or service.  Each of our comprehensive membership packages includes a wealth of diverse business tools and marketing aides. We strongly encourage our Affiliates to put those valuable and effective digital products into action in marketing, advertising, and growing their affiliate business with us and getting the word out about our Products, Services, and Programs.

14.) Are there any tax requirements?

All Affiliates are individually and solely responsible for operating their business affairs in compliance with their local or residence jurisdiction, which includes any tax requirements.

15.) Do you offer refunds?

In accordance with our written Terms and Conditions, we do not offer or provide refunds. There are two reasons, among others, that we cannot and therefore do not provide refunds, other than as specifically stated for only certain limited time offers and/or specifically marked items:

One: Nearly 100% of our products are immediately available, usable, online advertising products and downloadable digital products, recorded trainings, etc. They are intangible in nature  and therefore cannot be returned to us or "unadvertised", "undownloaded", "unwatched", or "unlearned", and therefore all sales are immediately considered final and will not be refunded.

Two: The moment your transaction is processed, we paid instant commissions to the referring affiliate as well as additional Bonus commissions. Members are purchasing digital marketing products which are theirs to keep. Your account will be credited instantly when you purchase our products.

It is considered a significant violation of our terms and conditions, for anyone place a dispute or request a refund with ANY of our Payment Processors, and if that occurs, your account will immediately be terminated without recourse or pre-warning.  This would also cause the removal and deletion of any pending or listed earnings, bonuses, overrides, etc from the account or accounts involved.

16.) What happens if a spam complaint is made about my referral URL?

Spam is unacceptable in any manner.  Spamming strangers because you somehow other email address, puts you in a bad light, and puts the company and a opportunity and a bad light to potential prospects.  And therefore any reports of spamming that come to our attention, will be forcefully an aggressively dealt with! Your account will be deleted immediately and all of the your unpaid commissions, overrides, bonuses, etc will be forfeited, without recourse. Please do not allow yourself to in any way be associated with spamming activities.

17.) What happens when AdPack revenue decreases?

In the event sufficient amounts of AdPacks sales revenue is not received by the company, revenue sharing payouts will be delayed until more revenue is gained. Earnings percentages and placement in the revenue sharing program will remain intact during any such delay, and will resume upon additional sufficient sales and revenue increases. For these reasons, revenue sharing program earnings and disbursements, on a set or exact schedule, is not guaranteed.  Many companies in the United States and around the world implement the wonderful benefits of a revenue sharing program in order to instill a company-wide spirit of shared team goals, and rewards for company sustained growth. The Deep Profit Streams revenue sharing program is no different. We believe that it is in everyone's interest and benefit that each affiliate who wants to participate in and gain from the revenue sharing program, should adequately and consistently contribute by promoting the company's AdPacks program via your referral links, tools, and effective marketing systems of their upline or other successful affiliates of the company.

18.) Is there a re-purchase?

Yes. We have implemented a re-purchase policy system for the benefit of our revenue sharing program. Members will have a certain percentage of their profit go into an online wallet and their Affiliate BackOffice, that is only for purchasing more AdPacks. The percentage varies according to the product being purchased, however, it is generally 50%. This provision has been established in order to benefit and even-out the consistency of the timing for completion and expiring of Adpacks in the revenue sharing program.

19.) How long does it take for Ad Packs That Are RevShare Eligible to Complete or Expire?

Ad Packs with smaller costs, complete or expire faster than AdPacks with a higher cost. Please see our compensation plan diagrams available on our website under the Business Plan menu, and select Infinity RevShare Comp Plan, for tiers of Ad Packs, amounts of costs, credits received, purchase limits, Estimated completion times, etc. All figures are projected estimations that are derived through achieving a contingent and conjectural revenue model. Please be aware that Time To Expire is subject to adjustment as deemed prudent, necessary, or effective in relation to income received each day, and therefore cannot receive a guaranteed timeframe for calculations & payouts.

20.) Am I required to advance into higher memberships, or purchase AdPacks in higher tiers?

No purchases of higher tiers of adpacks is required.  Each Customer, Affiliate, and Member Affiliate exercises his/her/their own decisioning and selection process with regard to their level of adpack purchasing. Our Affiliate Membership system has auto-advancement features built into it because we strongly believe and therefore strongly encourage all of our affiliates and members to thoroughly round-out their business and income with us by implementing, participating in, and growing their marketing and income activity with regard to all aspects of our products and compensation.

21.) Are there any requirements to receive my share of the revenue?

Yes. Firstly, you must be an active member with one of our paid membership levels that start at $10.00 per month.  You must also view a minimum number of ads of the advertisers daily on our platform, except that during Pre-Launch, AdPack purchases will be turned off because the number of members available to view ads will not be present until after Official Launch, and therefore, no surfing requirement will be in place until that time. However, once AdPacks are released for purchase on March 11th 2016 6 PM EST, we require all members to surf between 10 to 20 websites(dependent upon tier) per day via our website ad delivery platform. Websites are displayed for 10 - 20 seconds each. This process will ensure that each advertising purchaser receives the website advertisement they paid for.

In the event that you are not able to surf ads on one or more particular days, please do not think that you have lost RevShare earnings on those AdPacks.  That is not the case.  It simply means, that in essence, the accumulation of earnings on your AdPacks was paused until you return and complete the next surfing requirement, at which point your AdPacks will resume toward completion and expiration.

22.) Are there any deposit or withdrawal fees?

Yes.  There various deposit fees starting from 1.5% that have been put in place in order to offset the transaction fees and processing fees instituted by our various payment processors, and other factors affecting costs & risks. The associated fee is clearly displayed, allowing each person to  Please also be aware that the implementation of this fee allows the company to provide larger compensation plan total percentage payouts that are higher than the industry average. In other words, our affiliates benefit in a much broader, deeper, and more meaningful manner in our compensation plan percentages over the depth of their organizations, than their expense of this comparatively small dollar amount on their individual purchases. Would you rather have 2% less in our deposit fee on your individual purchases, in exchange for receiving 2% less throughout the depth of 4 to 10 tiers of group matrix overrides?

While lower deposit fees might benefit a few isolated scenarios of individuals who have small downline organizations, we have implemented this for the broader good and benefit to the overall Affiliate Member organization.

We do not charge a withdrawal fee on revenue share payouts, however, some payment receiving services have fees to receive funds, which each Affiliate can review at their site.

23.) Is there a minimum or maximum deposit limit?

Minimum Deposit: $10
Maximum Deposit: $250.00 Per Transaction. 
Multiple Transactions per day are allowed, each one cannot exceed the $250.00 Maximum. (Some Payment Gateways have higher limits, and are displayed accordingly in the Members Area.)
Maximum amount an account can be funded: There is currently not a set limit on the amount that can be funded to an account, however please see the AdPacks product grid for the limitation on number of AdPacks that may be purchased. Additionally, there are some Payment Gateways that have various maximums that can reached.

24.) How do I get questions answered not listed in this FAQ?

For questions not addressed here, please visit our official Company Facebook Group at: Send a request to join and our Admins will add you. Click the "Discussions" link on the Group Menu then click "Post" to write out your question, and that will be sent to one of our Admins to respond to it.  You may also review the existing posts within the group to likely find a subject that is similar to yours, and then ask a question as a comment to that post, and an Admin or fellow group member will likely answer your question very promptly.  We welcome you in advance to our official Company Facebook Group… See you there.

We also have a company support system, however, that is not for marketing or referral related questions or assistance for those who are reviewing our opportunity. That support system is primarily for existing affiliates and customers.  And we are a bit protective of that support so that it can provide a better level of service to clients and affiliates who have a current support need.  Therefore, please start in the FaceBook group, to obtain the additional answers or information you did not find in our FAQ.
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